What if I’m Claustrophobic / Afraid of Water / Silence /Darkness?

Many people have some fear or concern before they use the tank the first time. Fears such as being alone in the dark, drowning, not having enough air, claustrophobia, and others. These fears are usually the result of the thought or idea that YOU won’t be in control of the situation, but in this situation you are completely in control at all times. You can go in and out of the tank as you please. You can use the┬átank with the door completely open, you can keep it partially open, or you can close it. There is also an interior light. You can turn that light off or leave it on. There is no particular way to use the tank that is more correct than another. Any way you use it, that is comfortable for you, is correct.

If you close the door while inside the tank, once the light is turned off it is completely dark and that may be disorienting. When you get in and before you lie down, open and close the door several times, noticing how it feels different from the other surfaces . If at any time you try to push the door and it doesn’t open, it’s not the door.

The solution within the tank is only 10″ deep. It is made up of 500 kg of Epsom salt. You can’t sink in the tank, regardless of your size and fitness level. You will float effortlessly and it is 100% safe to sleep in the tank. If you *were* to somehow roll over while sleeping in the tank, you would wake up the very instant the salt water touched your eyes or sinuses.

The tank is designed so that it is not airtight. You’ll have plenty of air. To keep the tank air fresher, an air circulation system brings additional air from the room. The air will enter at the rear of the tank.

Floating is not a one shot miracle cure, but if you stick with it miraculous changes can happen. One of the greatest gifts floating can provide is the realization that YOU are truly the master of your own thoughts.