What to do before floating

Try not to have expectations of your float, as the experience is different for everyone, and each float is unique. Some of our regular clients float for transcendental purposes, some to relax, and others for pain relief.

Please allow yourself an extra half an hour  in the centre after your reserved float time. This gives time for an introduction to floating from your host if required, showering and preparation for your float, and gives us time to ensure the pod and facilities are clean and ready for the next client. We will provide you with everything you may need for your float, towels, earplugs, float aids, Vaseline for abrasions etc —(You do not need to bring your swimming suit. Be nothing but yourself in the water for the optimal result). Please bring your own hair comb and/or makeup bag if required. We have a hairdryer and dresser should you wish to fix your hair or make-up afterwards.

Before your float, we ask that you please:

  • Arrive at 10 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • No tattoos, no piercings and no hair dye within one week of floating
  • Eat a small meal one hour to 90 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Remove glasses or contact lenses.
  • Remove any makeup, oils and gels from your body and hair. We provide makeup wipes and there is a shower in your float room so there is no need to do this at home.
  • Rinse your body thoroughly to ensure that no products get inside the water.
  • Do not use conditioner for the pre-float shower.
  • Turn  your phone to silent – you are trying to relax! If you require your phone to be on for emergencies, or childcare/work purposes etc., our float host can take care of calls if necessary.
  • Let us know if you would like to bring along a USB stick with MP3 format music or study material to upload into our pod, as the files may take some time to upload.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy your floatation therapy session. Please feel free to contact us prior to your appointment if you have any questions.